Life of the Party

Jessica Sheppard, Mirada Staff

Imagine if you were in your senior year of college and your mom attended the same school as you to finish up her college degree at the same tie. Not only that but she come out with you to parties, and she has a relationship with a frat boy.

College and parents have never mixed well but for some weird reason in the movie Life of the Party the mom and daughter bond is unbreakable. After 23 years of marriage, Dan (Matt Walsh) tells Deanna (Melissa McCarthy) that he would like a divorce moments after they have dropped their daughter Maddie (Molly Gordon), off at her sorority for her senior year of college.

We come to find that Deanna dropped out of her senior year in college and gave up on her dreams of being a geologist to become a full time mom. So with her divorce she decided to go back to college and it happens to be the same school her daughter attends.

We then follow Deanna’s journey through her senior year with her daughter and her girlfriends by her side. She has multiple hilarious moments at frat parties,her geology class, and on campus moments.

When it is announced that Dan will be getting remarried, she is in the midst of a saucy romance with one of the frat boys Jack (Luke Benward) and that relationship takes a few awkward turns leading up to a pivotal restaurant moment that will leave you laughing for a minute straight.

Deanna then discovers that she cannot pay for her last few months of college so her new sorority sisters help her out by throwing a huge party.

The party is insane there are college kids everywhere and some of Deanna’s old friends come including her parents and we watch as the night progresses a fight, a live performance, and humor.

At the end of the movie we then finally see her and her daughter happy and college graduates.

This movie is a feel good, funny movie that is fun to watch with your mom. It is funny to look at eachother and hope that this will never happen to you.

Although most reviews gave it a three I would have to disagree however I understand. If you aren’t a fan of Melissa McCarthy humor I could see why you don’t like it.

Melissa McCarthy starred and co-wrote this movie with her husband and this is actually the 4th  movie they have done together.

Some of the best scenes by far are dance scene, the restaurant scene and the multiple parties she attends. If you have an about two hours to kill and you are with your mom this is the perfect movie to go and see.