Ashley Knepshield Profile


Athena Acevedo, Mirada Staff

While either attempting to achieve a hole-in-one on a golf course or expressing her imagination through Reader’s Theatre performances, sophomore Ashley Knepshield is a hard worker who loves to aim high.

Knepshield’s major extracurricular activity is golf, where she has been on the varsity team all throughout high school, an unusual accomplishment for a young freshman and sophomore.

“I have been playing golf for ten years now,” said Knepshield. “ I started playing with my family members as family bonding time.”

Despite misconceptions of the sport, it has taken her years and years to learn everything due to its challenges.

“It is a very hard sport,” said Knepshield. “It takes a long time to master it. I am still working at it after ten years and I still have trouble perfecting everything.”

Although it is fun, there are still some consequences she’s had to deal with.

“You pull a muscle every once in a while,” said Knepshield. “ If you step in a squirrel hole or if you fall awkwardly off a tee box you can break something. You can also get hit in the head with a golf ball. It is kind of rare, but it can happen.”

Knepshield is also heavily involved in theatre, especially behind the scenes.

“I like making costumes,” said Knepshield.” You take a character’s personality and you can use your imagination to think of what they’d look like and then you use that to make what you think they would wear.”

She loves crafting the pinnacle of all theater productions: the script.

“I really like script writing because it’s different from normal English where’s it’s just kind of formatted to essays and you have to put critical thinking and put commentary after your evidence,” said Knepshield. “In a script you tell the story using your imagination which is fun. You can express yourself through characters instead of just writing your opinion and backing it up with evidence.”

She is able to learn and perfect these skills during Reader’s Theatre at school and the theater tech program at Jesuit. However, she was not in the fall play, as she does it solely for fun

Knepshield also likes to indulge in other smaller activities like woodworking and listening to music.

She chooses things like books and movies that make you think after you finish and end with something that you can take away with it.

“I really like books that open your mind to different ways of thinking and where you can see the world through different perspectives, which I think is cool because I am not a person living in the Harry Potter world and he’s learned a whole bunch of stuff that I’ve never learned about,” said Knepshield.

Thanks to her hard work now, there’s no doubt she’ll have a bright future.