Wifi Has Disconnect With Students

Kaitlyn Shellooe, Mirada Staff

There’s a new way to get wifi with a better connection on campus.

Students have been upset due to the poor wifi connection or just not being able to connect to it at all.

This problem strongly impacts students with the new iPhone update.

“Not having wifi really sucks,” said junior Andrew Wilson. “It uses up all my data and when teachers need us to do activities like Kahoot, my phone sometimes doesn’t work and it’s frustrating.”

The wifi affects teachers as well.

English teacher and the media class advisor, Adam Bearson, has found the wifi problem an inconvenience to him and his students.

“Students continue to get locked out at odd times so my students cannot access their homework or turn in their assignments,” said Bearson. “Students have learned to say, ‘the network was down,’ and we have little choice but to accept this excuse.”

A local Apple employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, went through everything possible to make sure the iPhone wasn’t the problem.

She identified the source of the school’s issue.

“The only thing I could think that would be the problem is the router wouldn’t be up to date or needs to be restarted, but there’s nothing wrong with the phone,” she said.

Just because our router is old doesn’t mean we can’t connect to the wifi.

San Juan Unified school district has provided a solution: download a certificate for wifi.

“By downloading this certificate it will allow students to connect to the wifi,” said Principal Brian Ginter. “The certificate will take about two to three days to work, but then your phone should automatically connect to the wifi.”

The instructions on how to download this certificate should be posted around school.

“I used to get complaints all the time about the wifi and I haven’t heard from students about it in two weeks,” said Ginter. “If students still have problems hopefully downloading the certificate helps.”

First, you scan the QR code. Then you tap to install on the upper-right corner of the pop-up. Next, if requested, you enter your passcode, tap install on the upper-right corner of the pop-up. Then, you tap install on the verification pop-up. Then, tap done.