Volleyball Players Coach on the Side


Photo By Sarah Sault

Sophomores Gia Greenmore and Stella Chamness dedicate their time to helping coach young girls.

Margaret O'Brien and Sarah Sault

Sophomores Gia Greemore and Stella Chamness coach part time for a recreational volleyball league for younger kids as well as playing for the JV girls volleyball team at Rio.

Greemore and Chamness coach the Mission Oaks Spiking Cougars team through the Mission Oaks Parks and Recreation program.

“In middle school, I would always play volleyball for my school through the Mission Oaks program. I always loved my coaches, and I knew it was something I’d want to do when I got older.” said Chamness.

They coach the fifth grade Mission Oaks team together, after school on Fridays for about two hours. The team consists of seven 10 and 11 year olds.

“They all have a little experience, and they still struggle to get the ball over. But they still have a lot of fun.” said Chamness.

Greemore and Chamness had to do an interview with the Mission Oaks Parks and Rec program to get the job. They get paid $15 an hour once a week.

“It does slightly interfere with my social life. I don’t get to go to most of the football games.” said Greemore.

“If Gia and I want to go to a football game, we’ll just change quickly in the gym and go straight to the game.” said Chamness.

Both Greemore and Chamness enjoy coaching the recreational team.

“I would recommend athletes to coach the sport they play,” said Greemore, “it’s really fun, the girls are at a young age and they’re very open about their personalities.”

“Being able to teach younger people something you love is always really cool.” said Chamness.

Overall, Greemore and Chamness are very happy with their decision to coach this year and grateful to have this opportunity to teach volleyball to kids.

“We’re all just there to have a fun time and learn volleyball.” said Chamness.