Teachers Desire Higher Scores From CAASPP Testing

Elona Schirov and Erica Pozdirca

Scores on state education tests given to all high school junior have stayed about the same, but Rio saw slight gains in students meeting math standards.

The CAASPP tests have always been a huge part of school and what you have learned over time. Over the last two years, we have seen how CAASPP tests have improved or even decreased.

Just over half of the students in California have met English standards but even less student meet the Math standards. Nearly two thirds of students are falling short for Math.

“The biggest thing is making sure that the students have the skills needed to go to college. That’s what this test is suppose to be about.” says vice principal Mr. Kerr.

“What I would like to see is the people are college ready and what this particular test does is give us an indication of where people are.” Mr. Kerr adds, “This is an indication, whether you’re college ready or not, and if you’re not, and you don’t satisfy the requirements then the CSU recommends you take the EPT or ELM test.”

Teachers also said what they thought about the CAASPP tests. “It’s encouraging to see that there’s growth and students are taking it seriously.” says english teacher Jollyn Mason.

Compared to our previous year, we actually did not exceed our 2016 CAASPP test scores, so we decreased. We should definitely strive for better CAASPP scores for our further education.

“My biggest push with these results is making sure that the standard met and standard nearly met have the intervention that they need in their senior year to be college ready so that’s kinda what these scores help indicate and what we’ve done is offer an english course, which is for seniors ERWC so if they don’t get a standard met or standard exceeded, we offer that so that they take the course and they could go right into their college major.” states Mr. Kerr.

ERWC or Expository Reading and Writing Course is a college preparatory for grade 12 made to develop academic literacy. These extra courses will technically give you a second chance of getting into a good college.

In conclusion, teachers want to see better results in CAASPP and even if you are having trouble, the school offers you extra courses that help you and give you a second chance.