Get In The Spirit While Saving Some Cash


Photo By Kat Eyraud

Juniors Sierra Christenson and Emma Phoneix showing off their homemade costumes.

Kat Eyraud, Staff Writer

Getting and making cheap costumes is the way to go if you’re in a hurry, or if you don’t want to spend a lot on a costume for Halloween. Being frugal can get you the same quality with even more creativity.

Junior Sierra Christenson wore a black devil costume last year, keeping it cheap but stylish at the same time. “I went to Thrift Town to look and see what they had and I found this really cute black tutu and I actually found a halo and wing set there too. Since I went to Thrift Town, it was relatively cheap and costed around $15. The thrift store was better than the Halloween store because it was cheaper and I felt like I would find the same things there,” said Sierra.

Junior Emma Phoenix dressed up as an abalone shell, presenting her creativity and effort to be something different. “I went to Thrift Town to get my shirt and I already had my shoes from Goodwill, but I got my pants from the Halloween store. I also used jewels for my face that I got from Michael’s. This was all pretty cheap and under $20,” said Emma.

Junior Victoria Salazar dressed up as Nacho Libre, and she was inspired to be that from the movie. “I got my costume from Goodwill, and all of it costed about $12. I wore blue leggings, red spandex, and I already owned a red shirt and the Nacho Libre mask. I decided to go to Goodwill because they have really good stuff for Halloween, and it ix pretty trustworthy,” said Victoria.

Clearly, it’s easy and fun to create your own costume either going to thrift stores or craft stores. If there isn’t much time to find a costume for Halloween, then make it, and save a lot more money than going to Spirit.