‘Tis the Season for Homecoming

Jessica Sheppard, Mirada Staff

This year’s homecoming dance will be the 54th annual.
The freshmen class, with this in mind, has high expectations.

“Hopefully there will be nice decorations, cool music, and be a lot of fun,” said freshman Naira Rueckert.

Rueckert is planning to go with her friends and thinks she has a rough idea of what it will look like.
“I am thinking of one dress but I am not completely sure on it,” said Rueckert.

Other freshman are not so worried about what to wear but wonder how good the dance will be.

“I cannot wait to see what they do,” said freshman Zander Moos about his expectations.

Freshmen are not the only ones gearing up for the dance.

Junior Sarah Choy is preparing for the dance a different way.

“It could be so much fun but it might be really hot,” said Choy.

Choy says she will be going with friends and that she has gone to Gala in the spring.

ASB President Maddie Ravera, in charge of the dance, encourages students in every class to attend.

“The freshman class should go because it is a super fun dance and by far the most attended dance of the year,” said Ravera.

She estimates the dance will take about 100 hours of set-up.

Any student who wants to can get involved with the dance.

Student government needs water bottles to help decorate the hallways leading up to the small gym entrance.

The decorations in the gym get paid for by the entire student body while a portion of funds from individual classes get shaved off to pay for the A- through D-wing decorations.

The theme this year is seasons.

Freshman represent spring, while sophomores are autumn, juniors are summer and seniors are winter.

With freshman class numbers pushing 500 students, student government has far more expectations to exceed than the previous three years.