Self-Love Hashtag Explodes on Twitter

Sacramento student starts a trend to promote self-esteem.

Ashley Crum and Kaitlyn Shellooe

Trevor Meyer thinks the world needs more love. And it starts with loving yourself.

Meyer, a senior at El Camino, started the hashtag “#Post4PicsofSelfLove,” which has exploded on Twitter, drawing posts of photos from around Sacramento and beyond. The hashtag has been trending throughout area high schools, with dozens of Rio students contributing.

Meyer started the hashtag on his own account, posting four pictures of himself with his caption intending the purpose of the hashtag.

“Please everyone make this a thing. It helps a lot with self-esteem and confidence of mind and body #Post4PicsOfSelfLove,” Meyer wrote.

Within two days the hashtag became very popular.

“I am so shocked by the amount of attention that this hashtag is getting,” Meyer said. “All of you are truly beautiful and amazing, thank you for spreading your love, inspiring others, and putting out your happiness for all to see.”

El Camino students encouraged their friends from different high schools to participate on this positive message and Rio students quickly hopped on board.

After being asked why this was important, sophomore Allison Beck said,“I think loving yourself is very important, and if you don’t love yourself, you’re not going to be happy, and I believe happiness is the key to success in life.”

Meyer admitted to struggling with self-love

and seeing how positive he’s being and inspiring others, is truly amazing.

“From someone who struggled with it and continues to struggle with it, it is truly inspiring to see so many people treat their bodies with respect and love,” Meyer said.

Rio students agreed.

“I thought it was a good idea to promote self-love and confidence because everybody struggles with it,” said senior Ashley Miller.

Social media can be a source self-doubt and anxiety, according to numerous studies. In the hands of people like Meyer, it can also be a way of reaching out to help people. Social media has made a big impact on teens lives.

According to a Pew survey conducted during 2014 and 2015, 95 percent of teens who go online using a mobile device do so daily. Also, 71 percent of teens say they use more than one social media site.

Sophomore Hayden Powell participated in this trend.  “It is just a hashtag online, but it really can do a lot for a person’s confidence especially when people promote it or like the tweet,” he said.

Meyer started the hashtag for people to feel better about themselves and because he wanted to see others love themselves and treat their bodies right, physically and mentally because “it is the only one you get.”

“I was trying to do my part in helping kids love themselves like they should,” said Meyer. “There are always good things to see in yourselves.”