Q&A: Robert Hutchinson, Math Teacher


Cassandra Rittiron, Staff Writer

What subjects do you teach?
“IM1, IM2. Math 7, Math 8, Pre Algebra, Algebra 1”

What were you like in high school? What activities did you participate in?
“Clowny. Baseball, band, theater.”

Where did you go to college? What was your major? How did you decide on this major?
“Penn State. Ceramic Science and Engineering. I thought it was an up and coming field (it was). I hated it.”

Where did you teach before coming to Rio? How does Rio compare?
“Carnegie Middle School. I’m in Heaven.”

What was the highpoint of your summer?
“Going to Boise with my son, or teaching summer school….hmm, I’ll go with the first one.”

What would be an ideal Saturday be like?
“Sleep until 10, play with Miles all day, go to bed. Like now, except we don’t sleep in until 10!!”

What is something that students are obsessed with that you don’t get the point of?
“Phones!! Ugh!”