Q&A: Michael Waltz, Wood shop Teacher


Elona Shcirov, Staff Writer

What subjects do you teach? Have you taught other subjects?
“Yes, I have taught electronics, robotics and architecture.”

Where did you go to high school? What was the school like? When did you graduate?
“I went to Livermore high school. School was nice for me. Then I graduated in 1988.”

Is there an accomplishment from high school you’d like to share?
“I was a National Merit Scholarship finalist.”

Where did you go to college? What was your major? How did you decide on this major?
“I went to UC San Diego majoring in mechanical engineering. I ended up deciding on this major because I really like machines.”

What did you do before you became a teacher? And what was the most interesting
non-teaching job you have had?
“Before I became a teacher, I was an engineer. My favorite job was working on the B-2 Stealth Bomber.”

Where did you teach before coming to Rio? How does Rio compare?
“ I taught at Livermore High School. It’s very similar. I like that Rio has an open campus.”