Dadigan Back at It Again

Senior class president, cheer captain keep busy


Photo By Nick Alvarez

Dadigan leads a cheer practice Tuesday night.

Jessica Sheppard, Staff Writer

Somehow Hannah Dadigan finds time to be senior class president, varsity cheer captain, song team member, and is Vice President of the new varsity Club. If that isn’t enough she does it all with a smile.

Dadigan, a senior and with a bubbling personality and endless supply of positivity, has been involved in the Rio community since she was a freshman, when she was the captain of the freshman cheerleading squad.

“We have a lot of student on student camaraderie and a lot of school pride,” Dadigan said.

Over summer her life was consumed by cheer, as she had practices and brainstorming sessions for the upcoming season. Her main vacations were with her squad. They went to cheer camp at UC Santa Cruz for four days and three nights, and had day retreat at Jenkinsons Lake. “I share so many amazing memories at cheer camp,” said Dadigan. “Being able to realize that this was my last time and looking around at the rest of the seniors is something I will never forget.”

As a team leader, Dadigan enjoys supporting others and making her team such a tight-knit group. “ The three things you need to be on the squad is a positive attitude, an open mind, and having dedication to your team,” Dadigan said.

She is also part of a dance team that performs at rallies and games.

Dadigan is not new to a leadership role. Arden Middle School she was the class president.

Her vice president is one of her best friends, Meghan Mahoney, and they nicknamed each other Barack and Joe because they look up to former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

“A main goal of mine is to not only have an amazing year but to make my class proud,” said Dadigan. “ I big goal of mine is to set a great example for future senior classes.”

If she didn’t already have a enough going on, Dadigan is also vice president of the Varsity Club, a group of all varsity captains who work together to help promote their sports.

She describes the club as, “An amazing way for all the representatives to celebrate and represent all of our athletes.”

Despite her hard work, Dadigan is quick to give credit to others.

“The teachers and staff really ensure that we have a great time here,” Dadigan said. She also praised her classmates and fellow cheerleaders for helping her reach her goals.

“It’s not just the destination; it’s the people you’re with,” she said.

Her family consists of her mom, dad, and brother Hunter, a freshman.

“I couldn’t take on any of the roles that I take on without the support of my family,” Dadigan said. “They are like my own personal cheerleaders.”

After high school she would like to go to a four year college but, she doesn’t know her career path because she has so many passions.

“I want to help our world, society,and the planet,” said Dadigan. “But it is all about making the world a better place.”