Drama Puts on Spring Play!

Athena Acevedo, Mirada Staff

The spring play, “Stage Door”, is a classic play from the 1930s that symbolizes the era of new actresses in New York.

“Stage Door  is about a boarding house of girls who want to be actresses in New York City in the late 1930s,” said junior Gillian Rains. “The boarding house is called the Footlights Club and is home to a variety of girls who all have wildly different personalities, and the play kind of follows where all of them go over the course of two years.”

A couple of characters from the play are Big Mary, Mattie, and Terry Randall.

“I’m Mary Harper (Big Mary), she’s a bit clingy to Mary McCune (Little Mary)  and overdramatic.” said sophomore Grace Ramatici.

Rains plays Terry Randall, an aspiring Broadway actress who is the central character of the story . Throughout her career she has had trouble finding acting jobs but joining the Footlights Club has helped her career.

“I play Mattie, this kooky loud maid that cleans and helps the girls around the house. She sees everything that happens in the house and has opinions about it all,” said sophomore Molly Odell.

“I think people should come see Stage Door because it’s funny and old-fashioned, and it’s overall a very heartwarming show!” said Rains. “I think people will find it really easy to become attached to most, if not all, the characters after the first scene just because all the girls are so overwhelmingly human.

The rest of the cast agrees it’s a fun and lighthearted play.

“It’s a really fun and upbeat show and it has a really big cast, and it’s nice to see all of the characters, guarantee you’ll know at least a few people in the cast!” said Ramatici.\

“People should come because it’s a fun light play that’ll make you laugh, maybe cry, and absorb the aesthetic 30’s ambience that fills the theatre.” said Odell.

The play is being performed starting on Wednesday, May 10th to Saturday, May 13th at the Betty Miller Theatre. Student tickets cost $8 and adult tickets are $10.