Student Lawyers Make Their Case for Title

Jared Moisey , Mirada Staff

A small team of only 8 members, the Rio Americano Mock Trial team is a successful team representing Rio.

For those who are unaware of what Mock Trial is and what Mock Trylians do, it is a courtroom simulation in which people take the roles of Attorneys, Witnesses, and people who work in the courtroom.

The 3-4 attorneys are the ones who present the case and ask witnesses questions in order to bring out evidence that either makes the defendant look guilty or innocent depending on whether they are on prosecution and defense.

The 4 witnesses are given a witness statement which they must memorize in order to answer questions from attorneys, the true test of this is Cross-Examination where the opposing attorney asks questions that you cannot prepare for.

The two court duties are the Clerk and Bailiff. The clerk keeps time of the trial, gives warnings, and once time is up will annouce that and the attorney will stop.

The Bailiff will announce the rules of the court, escort witnesses to the stand, and swear them in.

The participants are graded on a scale of 1-10 and Court duties are on a scale of 1-5, however some things such as a pre trial argument and closing argument are multiplied by 2 giving it a possible score of 1-20

The RAMT is comprised of 8 students this year, Zack Muilenburg Pretrial Attorney, Kelsey Fletterick and Sam Macriss Opening and Closing Attorney, Sydney Hodge the Victim and Defendant, Jared Moisey the Expert Witness, Lily Waldon the Police officer and Character witness, and Naomi Green the other Character Witnesses.

While this is the minimum requirement for a mock trial team, the team has a large advantage in having coach Jay Greiner

Jay has been coaching mock trial since its inception in california back in 1980 and the team has been very successful; making it to counties multiple times.

However, this year things appear to be looking up for the people who will be entering the county competition on Feb. 1 and will be finishing on Feb. 25 and will possibly be continuing on to a state competition and eventually nationals.