So far, so good for SoFo: Band releases LP

Taylor Gowan, Rio Mirada

What started out as a joke unexpectedly transformed into a motley crew of high school students commanding the stage.

“Being able to express myself musically with my friends and share that music to people who enjoy it is my favorite part about playing in a band,” said lead singer and guitarist, senior Brady Hegland.

The band of is made up of Rio seniors Brady Hegland, Nick Agusta, Timmy Voet, and Thomas Jovalis who goes to the Met Sacramento Charter High School.

They have risen to performing at venues such as Sacramento’s Ace of Spades; which has seen the likes of Rob Zombie, Tyler the Creator, Frank Turner, and Wu-Tang Clan according to the Ace of Spades event calendar.

“Playing bigger shows actually made all of us more excited to write. We met so many fantastic people including a producer and a booking person who just recently got us another gig. I wouldn’t say it’s fame though because we are very far off from that, but it’s humbling to have so many people enjoy our show,” said Hegland.

This free spirited band began a lighthearted journey only to discover their potential was greater than expected. They didn’t take the band seriously until they realized their full potential as rock stars in the making.

Once that happened, opportunities spring boarded them to take on larger venues, larger audiences and hone their musical craft.

“Nick Augusta, our pianist and rhythm guitarist, started the band years ago as a joke thing,” said Hegland. “I wasn’t asked to be in it till freshman year. Actually I almost wasn’t asked, because Nick thought I was ‘too good.’ Now they realize I’m actually not that talented, but they love me anyways,” said Hegland.

Performing together has adhered a strong bond between them which will lead them to a solid musical outlook together.

The band’s new EP “Supper with SoFo” is now out on Bandcamp and it features five original tracks made by the band.

“I would absolutely love to be successful with this band. I love playing with them and they are all my friends. I do believe we have potential but like anything it’s going to take a lot of hard work. We are all looking at colleges in California, so hopefully we’ll stay together,” said Hegland.

The local music scene has been exploding recently with more bands looking for gigs.  Many need local support to help get their band’s name out there.