San Juan Bond Money to Aid School

For almost six months now Rio has been covered in dust while construction crews have been improving the campus.  With the new theater finally starting to take shape it seems as if the construction will all be over soon; however, recent funding seems to be pointing us towards a path of even more projects.

At the top of this list are new physical education locker rooms and renovations to the breezeway between the gyms and locker rooms.  The space will likely be painted and receive new lighting, and padding will be added to the floors with the hopes of making the hallway a more functional space.

As far as other projects go, there is not much set in stone.  This past election cycle delivered $750 million to San Juan Unified schools to fund additional construction projects through the passage of Measure P by district voters. Right now the district is busy considering proposals.

“There isn’t anything more than talk right now as to Measure P money,” said Principal Brian Ginter. “But there will be a large amount of work done to our campus that could start in the next six years.”

Lots of the proposed changes involve Rio’s athletic facilities, including the track and field. Among these proposals is a project that will definitely be getting completed.  Over the summer of 2018 an all-weather