Student’s Father Has Close Call During Paris Terrorist Attack

Students Father Has Close Call During Paris Terrorist Attack

Senior Sid Cunningham’s father, Abe Cunningham, is the drummer for the local rock band  Deftones who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, when their group was scheduled to perform in Paris last weekend. The Deftones just so happened to be in the area as the gruesome terrorist attacks were unfolding.

Le Bataclan is the concert venue that the Deftones were scheduled to play at and those who have been keeping up with the news may notice that that is the same one that was seized by terrorists. “They held captives and shot many people,” Cunningham said.

Le Bataclan was a popular concert hall and had already scheduled a different band to play there friday night. “My dad’s band was supposed to play there the next three nights,” Cunningham said.  

Some of the Deftones went to watch the other scheduled band on friday night.  “One of the roadies and other bandmates were at the venue the night of the incident, but left 15 minutes before the terrorists came, in order to handle digestive issues,” Cunningham said.

The bandmates escaped before they were aware of anything that happened.  The terrorists halted the concert, capturing members of the audience and holding them hostage.

After the band found out what had occurred in their absence, there was still not much they could do about it.  “They were stuck there because France closed down the borders so no one could leave for three days,” Cunningham said.

Even though the terrorist attacks were planned out long before, there was no certainty as to when another assault or bombing might take place.  “I was devastated and worried, knowing that he was stuck, but relieved because he could have performed one day later,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham found out about his dad’s story via text after school on friday.  “He told me the news and everything that was going on,” Cunningham said.

The Deftones are safe and should be coming home soon. “It was a crazy event,” Cunningham said.