Playathon Jazzes up School


Symphonic, upbeat tunes ricocheted off the hallway walls, creating an energetic atmosphere in which the band program immersed the school in an annual musical tradition: Playathon.

The eclectic event featured music, games, food and dance.

All the student musicians worked together to collectively produce music for 17 hours straight.

Playathon raised $31,000 for the band program which helps fund instrument repair, travel expenses, festival fees and other related expenses.

The Disney-themed event began at 7 a.m., and the anticipation was high.

Playathon is an event that allows band “to show the rest of the school all the talent,” said Band Director Josh Murray.

The band then performed for classes every period, and played peppy songs through the halls during passing periods.

When the school day concluded, the festivities did not. The jamboree continued through the afternoon into the night, and ended slightly early: at 11:45 pm.

In the afternoon, the 35th annual festival brought in younger students; attracting them by offering the unique opportunity to play alongside high school students.

“We want to encourage (the kids) to continue to play,” Murray said.

The young participants and other children jumped in and out of the bounce house, tested their knowledge with trivia and munched on pizza.

“We like to reach out to the community, and bring them here to show what we do here at Rio,” Murray said.

Playathon is the band program’s largest fundraiser and takes a whole year to put together.

In fact, Murray said that band  “will begin planning next year’s (Playathon) in a couple weeks.”