Statistics Class Puts Their Schooling to The Test


The statistics survey has come and gone once again. The yearly stats survey happened this month and students were clamoring to be a part of it.

“The purpose of the stats survey is to find out different opinions and ideas of students at the school, analyze the data, and put it onto a spreadsheet for people to see,” Cruz Martinez said. “We tried to apply the methods we learned about surveying into the real world,” said Alex Gomes. “We manipulate the questions to get a response that will vary depending on how the question was worded, such as switching the order of democrat and republican.”

Nearly all the students that took part in the survey were surprised to learn that the questions manipulated them in order to receive varying responses.

“I thought it was just a regular survey, I didn’t know that they had multiple surveys that provoked different responses from people,” senior Taylor Wick said. “I really feel that in most of the questions, no matter how they worded it I would have answered it the same way. The basic topic is what got me interested not how they worded it.”

The questions take the stats classes awhile to come up with.

“Each class comes up with about 10 questions, over the period of about two weeks, that they think should be in the survey then all the classes take a vote on which ones actually go in,” senior Tommy Pardini said. “I thought it was really fun coming up with questions because for one we got to talk about  that are usually hushed in school.”

Many students in stats were actually surprised by what they discovered.

“I learned that much of the freshman class doesn’t know much about the world around them. I had to constantly reword or explain the question so that they could just understand what I was talking about,” Cruz Martinez. “As a whole, our student population knows enough about politics and has strong opinions about where and how money should be spent,” Tommy Pardini said.It was super fun to see the responses that weren’t very intelligent,” said Alex Gomes.

“We are studying a sample of the population of the school to investigate the information about students at this school,” said Nikko Higdon. “Over all the surveying was hard but valid, I really hope that we have another survey later in the year because I learned a lot, and had a lot of fun while participating in it,” Michael Fanfelle.