New Tech in 2015


This year is going to be a big one in terms of new technological advances. Of course, we can say that every year, so what makes this one special?

First, we have the obligatory new phones. It seems every year they are getting bigger but thinner.

Samsung revealed the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, with the edge having a screen that is curved around the side. They both come with the newly released Android Lollipop OS.

“It’s probably Samsung’s vanity phone. There isn’t much use of the edge besides the beauty,” said freshman Deepak Manoharan.

The S6 Edge seems like a pretty version of the S6, and isn’t worth the extra 100 dollars.

The S6 also removed a few features many people find valuable, like removable batteries and a micro SD card slot. Maybe Samsung is trying to go for an iPhone look, as minimal as possible.

Phones keep rising in price for sometimes pointless reasons. And why do we feel the need to release a new one every year? Why not wait a few for the big tech changes, then implement it?

It’s all about the money.

Second, holograms are coming. Microsoft announced the HoloLens, a headpiece that projects holograms around you a la augmented reality.

“We see this as a full Windows 10 device with holographic capability,” said head of Xbox Phil Spencer, when discussing games and HoloLens.

Described as “a new way to see your world” these holograms will help you to create projects in real time and visualize useful info like the weather.

“It sounds cool. This looks like some innovative stuff,” said junior Nate Rubinoff.

They say it will integrate with their new operating system, Windows 10. Because nobody liked Windows 8.

Windows 10 is said to bring some new features like a Siri-like personal assistant, Cortana. What I’m wondering is how they will make people use it as most desktops don’t have a microphone. Another wonderful idea by Microsoft.

The third, and arguably most important, is the introduction of virtual reality for consumers.

We first saw this with the Samsung Gear VR. Now, it actually can be used for gaming.

Valve and HTC unveiled SteamVR, a virtual reality headset. Set to be released in December for $100, it can be used in conjunction with Steam.

This comes with a host of other products under the tagline ‘Steam Universe’, including the Steam Controller for living room gaming.

Or, the wide variety of Steam Machines, which are gaming PCs in a box designed to be hooked up to your TV and used with the controller.

2015 is an innovative year in terms of technology, and for what’s to come in 2016, who knows.

New Tech-Steam Machine and Controller