New McDonald’s to Replace Burger King

Hangout spot and job opportunities to come


Amidst the ruins of the Burger King, people are wondering what’s next.

McDonald’s is apparently the answer.

With the location at Fair Oaks and Arden, it would be ideal for people going after school.

A new McDonald’s will mean a new hangout spot for students, among numerous others, like Crazy for Yogurt across the street.

Plus, potential jobs for teens to make money. And if there’s one thing teens want more of, it’s money.

The county’s approval process was long but thorough, so construction began. Which started by destroying the Burger King and parking lot. It is predicted to be done by spring.


As with any vote, there is bound to be some opposition. Junior Nate Rubinoff opposes the McDonald’s and said, “I believe this provides an outstanding opportunity to replace the old Burger King with a new Burger King.”

Senior Justin Shatz agrees. “[Removing Burger King] was devastating. I loved that place.”

The real issue is the concerned parents. Child obesity, and obesity in general, is a big problem we face today.

In my opinion, obesity is a matter of self-control. You don’t have to eat four Big Macs, seven large fries, and a diet coke.

People blame it on their genes and how they “just can’t lose weight”. That’s a matter I don’t want to get in to.


The new McDonald’s will take on the more modern look seen on newer buildings, which is becoming quite the trend.

Most of the students, however, will probably be disappointed if it doesn’t have a PlayPlace.

This kind of development has been seen before. In fact, it happened almost right next door.

Taco Bell was the resident restaurant, but was closed due to questionable management.

El Forastero replaced it, and some say it’s better than Taco Bell. Hey, the burritos don’t lie.

Some disagree though. “A Taco Bell put there put there would be prime,” said Shatz. “Or maybe an In-N-Out.”

“A Taco Bell would ruin everything. You have a better mexican restaurant next door,” said freshman Jon Sampo, in response.


Either way, a new McDonald’s is coming in. It’s owned by the people who own the McDonald’s at Watt and Arden.

“I believe the family that owns the franchise are sincere in their efforts to assure the community that this McDonald’s will be an asset,” says a person who supports it and wished to remain anonymous. “The longest part was the approval. Construction will go quickly.”

McDonald’s will be a good addition. With a 20 piece nugget for five bucks and dollar drinks, you can’t go wrong.