Gala Fight gets dangerous

This time…it’s personal.


With cans of whipped cream suspended to her waist by the band of her spandex and three eggs cradled in the palm of her hand, senior Leanna Mascotti was fully equipped to fend off advances of the boys during the annual Senior Gala Fight. As social commissioner Aris Koumis lined up the warriors before the start of the fight, eggs already began to sail across the front lines, hitting unarmed skin. Both sides began rushing towards each other in a clash of blue and pink and projectiles of every type. Ketchup, mustard, whipped cream, eggs, expired soup, soy sauce, relish, horseradish, syrup, shaving cream, barbecue sauce, honey, grape sauce, baby powder, hard boiled eggs, hot sauce, glitter, paint, expired chili, silly string, and expired industrial paint soared through the air like a hurricane in an old refrigerator.

Dodging condiments and discarded containers, Mascotti pulls out her first weapon: a shiny bottle of shaving cream ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting boy. Looking for her next victim, she advanced towards the mess of disarray in the middle of the field when suddenly her back met the mud as senior Trenton Sidener tackled her to the ground.

“I had dirt coating my arms and my hair, and I got the wind knocked out of me because he lifted me off the ground and then slammed me back down on it.” said Mascotti about the experience.

Recovering from the first attack, the senior moved on across the battlefield to continue battling through the hoard, meanwhile another small senior girl, Rachel Cudmore, was similarly body slammed to the ground by Sidener.

“I felt like I was getting hit by a truck, but it was actually just a 5 foot 5 white boy going faster than I thought he could.”

The girls weren’t the only ones to sustain injury from this year’s Gala Fight, the boys side had matching cuts and bruises as a result of the brawl.

“I was hit in the face by a can and it busted my lip open, then the rest of the fight I had blood dripping down my face.” said Matt Richardson.

The fight has been notorious for bruises and messy hair, but never before has the fight been this intense.

“My hair smelled like soy sauce for days and I had a bruise on my knee the size of Antarctica. I knew it would be messy, I just didn’t know it would be painful too.” said Erika Ferguson.

Though the fight was more violent than usual, it was undoubtedly fun-filled. Paint was thrown, bruises were received, and the fight was over.

“It was definitely smelly, but it was definitely not something I would have missed.” said Tyra Burks.