The Beginning of the End


It’s six a.m. and the dew-ridden football field is littered with the 2015 senior class decked out in their finest hoodies and sweats.

With scones and coffee in hand (shoutout to Lily Van Reese and Starbuck’s), they symbolically began their senior year with the rising of the morning sun. “It was so beautiful!” said senior Bliss Boutin, “It was like a painting in the sky.”

This year’s Senior Sunrise was just one of many perks generated especially for the seniors, the biggest one being G-R Day, graduation from Rio day. Senior year, is a time full of relaxed classes and stressful college applications, and also when you start to realize that graduating is not some far-fetched dream, but a rapidly approaching reality.

“Senioritis is starting to kick in.” said senior Tommy Wong. Senioritis is an illness contracted by realizing that anything more you do in school won’t help improve your chances of getting into college.

It usually permeates the senior class around the holidays but in severe cases its symptoms can be seen as soon as junior year. In short, once the college applications have been sent out, the amount of cares given will be on a steady decline to zero.

So if you see a senior cruising down the hallway, hide yo lunch, hide yo Bio homework and get out-the-way because they have nothing left to lose and will mess you up.