Saucy Serenades Seduce Students


Homecoming serenades are the most interesting and unique part of the homecoming rally. People love them. People wait to see them every year. I, personally, am genuinely excited to see what the guys come up with year after year.

This year however, they are supposed to be more “G rated.” And first off let me say I completely understand where the  administration is coming from with this rule. I understand that they think they are inappropriate. The important question is “Does it matter?”

Today’s world is overpopulated with over-sexualized media. Everywhere you look you see “inappropriate” things.  Students getting dress coded every single day. The song Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. Pretty much everyone has seen or at least heard of something like this. I mean people show of their American Eagle bags with shirtless men on them. With people seeing things like this every day, do the serenades really matter?

How much damage can a few completely clothed boys do while dancing near some high school girls. I’m pretty sure that every person at the rallies (besides maybe the freshmen) have seen worse than what the serenades entail. And if they haven’t yet, they soon will. The serenades provide a much needed shock factor in the often dysfunctional rallies. They are a breath of fresh air that changes every year. Every sophomore, junior, and senior anticipate the risque dances the serenaders perform.

Rio has been receiving bad press since 2009 when the song team was seen as inappropriate and provocative on Fox News. The same type of dancing is present in the princess serenades.

Despite the bad press, many students still hold fast to the idea that the serenades are the best part of the Homecoming and Gala rallies. Knarik Yegiazarayan says “I enjoy watching the serenades every year because they’re always so creative, funny, and amusing.”