September Rally 2018

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  • Seniors eargerly await finally walking down the ceremonial red carpet into their last back-to-school rally.

    Photo By Luke Richards

  • FIRST! Victor Figueroa-Delgado is the first senior to make his pilgrimage from the red carpet to the senior section.

  • Kaitlyn Shelloe rides on the shoulders of Dylan Searle. A tradition among Rio seniors for their back to school rally.

    Photo By Luke Richards

  • Aaron Sproull revels in the glory of the moment…

  • …followed by Chris Delacruz. showing off whatever dance moves he can without throwing off his balance.

  • Ava Sazaki is carried by her long-time friend Jake Cardoso. Behind her Nerissa Cruz enjoys seeing what life has to offer at a taller perspective, along with a fan to keep her cool in the hot packed area.

  • Smiles all the way, Connor Ettinger piggy backs off of Max Mccall.

    Photo By Luke Richards

  • They just keep coming! More and more seniors squeeze through the walkway.

  • Ashlyn Gardner and Camille Lidster immortalize their moment by capturing it on their phones.

  • Chase Iseley celebrates her effortless stroll across the gym.

    Photo By Luke Richards

  • Carson Grimes looks ahead to realize that seating is running out for the senior section.

  • Band puts on a performance of Beyonce’s Crazy in Love to accompany the beginning of the rally.( From right to left Connor Ettinger, Gina Talcott, Jack Harris, Jasmine Jacobo ,and Grady Flamm.)

  • Luke Roberto and Clair Parker give it their all

  • Demetrius Dogias and…

  • Jake Harouni brings the hype as social comissioner.

    Photo By Luke Richards

  • For the peak of their performance the Varsity Cheerleaders tower up.

  • Cheer performs their routine with style. Sydney Hodge, Ashley Crum, Grace Ramatici, Emily Segale, and Emma Sperber strike a pose.

  • Grace Ramatici stands tall

  • While waiting for their class to finish sitting in the bleachers..

    Photo By Luke Richards

  • … the Cheerleaders perform a routine to the Rio Jazz band’s music

  • Song team begins their first performance at a rally brimming with energy…

  • … with Emma Sperber returning from her membership on the team from last year.

    Photo By Luke Richards

  • Ben Baker looks to his adoring fans in the senior section after throwing t-shirts into the crowd with the other Rowdy Raiders.

  • The Rio Americano mascot, Raider gives a piercing stare.

  • Seniors show just how rowdy they can be

  • Juniors sit enamored with the rally before them.

  • Freshman positively enraptured in their first taste of rallies and events at Rio.

  • Brian Ginter enters following his announcement of the representative of the freshman class in the duck derby.

  • The Raider and Quick Quack Car Wash mascots pose together to celebrate the announcement of the duck derby.

    Photo By Luke Richards

  • Alison Beck supports Natalie Clausen on their journey together as seniors.

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