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COVID Puzzle Possible Answers

States: Colorado; Ohio; Virginia; Idaho; Delaware

Rio Staff: Cabrerra; Ocken-Taylor; Virga; Irwin; Denny

Disney Characters: Cruella de Vil, Cinderella; Olaf; Violet (The Incredibles); Iago (Aladdin), Ichabod Crane; Dory

Movies: Chicken Little, Clueless; Ocean’s Eleven; V for Vendetta, Venom; Indiana Jones, Ice Age; Die Hard, Dracula

Things in a Kitchen: cutting board, cutlery; oven; vegetable peeler, vent; ice maker, island; dishes, dog on the floor

Superheroes and Villains: Captain America; Odin, Overlord; Vision; Iron Man; Dark Knight, Dr. Octopus

Sports Words: cornerback, catch; overtime, outfield; volleyball, varsity letter; ice skating, inbounds; dunk, dribble


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