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Family Donuts and Deli Review


Family Donuts and Deli offers cheap, good donuts

Darya Pahlavan, Reviewer

Every birthday I get a donut “cake.” I’ve never loved cakes, so instead my parents make a tier of donuts for my birthday every year. Because of my love for donuts, I have become quite the connoisseur. After going plant-based, I accepted the fact that I would not be able to find a good donut in Sacramento. Family Donuts and Deli proved me wrong. This mom-and-pop shop is an amazing donut spot for everyone. While the shop is far away from my house, the taste, speediness, price, service, and scenery make the trip worthwhile.  

When first looking at reviews online, I was skeptical that the donut shop was as good as the online reviews made it out to be. The vegan donuts were made from yeast, and since I had never tried a yeast donut before, I had my reservations. Eventually, my cravings for a donut kicked in and I made the drive over. My first time there I asked about their vegan options and this list ran long. Some options included chocolate, maple, glaze, bear claws, custard-filled, sprinkle, apple fritter, and jelly-filled. My go-to order is a glazed donut, which is what I have gotten every time since. When taking my first bite, it always catches me off guard that these are vegan. The maple has just the right amount of sweetness to it. The dough is soft on the inside but has a slight crispiness on the outside. The dough balances the sweetness of the glaze. Another classic addition to my order is a glazed donut. The glaze tastes just as amazing as the maple bar. My non-vegan friends were not able to tell the difference between the non-vegan and the vegan items.  

You may doubt the need for the tasty donut when they see the long lines on Saturday mornings, but don’t let this scare you away. The line is consistently quick; I never wait for longer than 5 minutes. I love to see the business flourish, even during these times. The workers are able to get all customers in and out quickly, especially during those early morning donut runs.  

Like most donut shops, Family Donuts and Deli is extremely cheap. For two maple bars, the total came out to $1.50. Other menu items such as sandwiches are as cheap as five dollars! Its cheap price point makes it a perfect spot for high school kids who live in the area. While the price is low, it doesn’t take away from the quality of the donuts. With such a small price to pay, with a big reward, I am happy to lend a few dollars to help support a local business.  

The price point of their food keeps me coming back, but their service is also amazing. Family Donut and Deli always has full staff on deck. Because of their numbers, the workers can get customers in and out quickly during rush hour. They quickly take your order and rush you to the cashier. Here the worker quickly punches in numbers and takes your card and boom, you’re out the door.  

The scenery of the donut shop is the only downfall to it. It has outdated designs that are overdue for renovation. It looks like every other tacky donut shop. It is also located in a boring strip mall. There is no pretty place to eat your food when visiting, so I always eat my donuts when I get home. I tend to overlook this when going to Family Donuts and Deli because the pros outweigh the cons, but they could use some help with the interior.  

While Family Donuts and Deli does have some downfalls, it is an amazing local business with delicious food options for different types of diets. Their donuts are great for any occasion and their sandwiches are a good option for a cheap and quick meal. I love to support local businesses, especially during these times. This donut shop is my new go-to spot for my birthday.  


Family Donuts and Deli

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Family Donuts and Deli offers cheap, good donuts

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