River Park: The Serene Neighborhood


Photo By Sam Thompson

The entrance to River Park welcomes residents and visitors with a plethora of greenery and this sign across the street from Fremont Presbyterian Church.

Sam Thompson, Mirada Staff

If you’re looking for a calm place to settle down, River Park is the place for you. Lined with tall, green trees and lush front lawns, River Park gives off a serene feel like no other neighborhood in the Sacramento area.

Multiple students and staff live in River Park, and the commute from River Park to school is about 15 minutes.

“My favorite thing about living in River Park is the proximity to midtown and downtown while also being close to Rio and most of my friends,” said Senior Emma Chally.

 River Park is located right next to the American River which contains copious amounts of vegetation and lots of wildlife for residents to enjoy.

The overground levee provides a clear path to walk along while visiting the river, and many residents use this trail for jogging and exercise. The levee is one of the most grandiose features of the neighborhood and it is enjoyed by many members of the neighborhood.

River Park also features a public park known as Glenn Hall with a soccer field, batting cage and playground. Glenn Hall offers a great place to go to get out of the house and have a picnic or to hangout and play sports with friends.

Another striking feature of River Park is the abundance of tall, evergreen trees. The trees line the streets of the neighborhood, and provide bountiful amounts of shade and produce for the homes that lay under them. 

Trees line the roads and shade the homes of River Park. (Photo By Sam Thompson)

“One of my favorite things about River Park is the extra citrus everywhere,” said English teacher and River Park resident Adam Bearson.

Aside from homes, River Park also contains two apartment complexes, many of which are occupied by Sac State students. The apartments add diversity to the living situation of the area, and make it feel more like a small town than a neighborhood. 

The neighborhood also has its own convenience store known as the River Park Market, and a small plaza containing restaurants and a barbershop. The plazas restaurants include Italian restaurant Mama Susanas, and Thai restaurant the Coconut. 

Along with the beautiful features of the neighborhood, River Park also has some interesting history as well. Greta Gerwig, the director of the 2017 film, Lady Bird, grew up in River Park and her mother is still a member of the neighborhood.

River Park has an atmosphere like no other neighborhood in the Sacramento area; the beautiful outdoor environment gives the neighborhood a fresh and exciting feeling, and the apartment buildings and small plaza makes the whole area feel connected — almost like a small town within a neighborhood.