Danielle’s Creperie: Simple French meals and friendly service

Review: Sacramento restaurant has offered French and American cuisine since 1984

Outdoor dining area at Danielles Creperie

Outdoor dining area at Danielle’s Creperie

By Sumaya Albadani, Reviewer

Danielle’s Creperie is a French American cafe that serves crepes, breakfast, and brunch, which are offered all day. When the creperie first opened in 1984, it was a to-go-only French creperie and had just six tables. Since then, it has expanded allowing for a greater capacity along with many additions to the menu. Danielle’s Creperie is located off at 3535 Fair Oaks Blvd. in Sacramento.

Danielle’s Creperie serves both traditional French cuisine, as well as American specialties. Savory crepes, escargot, salads, and soups are all offered on the menu. For people who favor sweet items, Daniels Creperie includes french toast, waffles, and pancakes which are offered all day. The french toast is one of my personal favorites; it is buttery, crispy outer shell with the contrast of a soft sweet interior makes it one of the most desired items on the menu. Another one of my all-time favorite sweet crepes is the Caramelized Peach Crepe for dessert. This crepe is layered with warm peaches that are caramelized accentuating the natural sugars of the peach and lastly topped off with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. The combinations between the warmth of the peaches and the coldness of the ice cream not only make my taste buds sing but it keeps me coming back to Danielle’s  Creperie every Sunday.

The overwhelming number of times I have eaten at Daniel’s, I have only experienced the best hospitality from the owners and staff. When entering it is made apparent that your business is being valued due to the immediate service you receive from your waiter. The wait is always no longer than 5 minutes to the amount of indoor and outdoor seating. Once you are seated and have ordered, the kitchen not only prepares your meal quickly but prepares it using only fresh ingredients making your meal at Daniels worth every single penny. 

Daniels Creperies interior gives off a welcoming and homie ora. There are multiple seating arrangements that include booths, side tables, and center tables. Along with the variety of seating possibilities, Daniel’s also did an extraordinary job in choosing the pieces of art that are displayed. Although the interior is well decorated and arranged well,  I feel that it is a little dark for my taste. The outdoor seating is minimal but still a great place to enjoy some french and American cuisine, especially when the weather is warmer because it is all completely shaded. Despite the pandemic, Danielles is still open for both indoor and outdoor dining. Next to the cafe, there is a grassy area with a handful of picnic tables if you want a bit more sunlight. Next to the creperie, there is Mas Tacos, which is a delicious taco restaurant, and a Starbucks. To make a full day of an outing, head to Mas Tacos for dinner, and Danielle’s Creperie for dessert. 

Overall, Danielle’s Creperie is delicious, reasonable, and comfortable.

A dessert crepe at Danielle’s Creperie.