Blueprint Coffee Project has welcoming atmosphere in Old Sacramento


Abby O’Brien, Contributor

Located in Old Sacramento, Blueprint Coffee Project is making a difference for the community one coffee at a time. Partnered with Project Church, a space that is on the backside of the coffee shop for church services, this coffee business is focused on raising money for local programs, as well as being 100 percent non-profit. With delicious coffee and pastries, this small business is definitely worth a trip.

With a big selection on their menu, this coffee shop offers many different drinks. Allowing you to substitute anything specific into your drink, such as oat milk or extra shots of espresso, it makes for an easy purchase. I’ve never been a huge fan of hot coffee; however, the iced mochas they serve are incredible. With the perfect amount of chocolate as well as the rich coffee flavor, this will forever be one of my favorite drinks. I also love the hot chocolate, with its delicious cream and chocolate mixed together and poured into a cup. Offering two sizes to choose from, their prices are reasonable and not too expensive. For $5 you can get a large iced mocha that will satisfy your caffeine cravings. 

Walking into this spacious shop, the simple, industrial design is perfect for the area. Its white walls are bright with few shelves or decor lining them. There are many windows that allow the natural light to flow in from outside. High ceilings also make the coffee shop feel more open. With many tables ranging in sizes and seating areas with couches for people to relax, the areas allow for small or large groups. To add to the design of the sitting areas, big green plants are placed next to the couches to provide greenery in this part of the coffee shop. Due to Covid-19 safety restrictions, indoor seating was not allowed during this time. Despite this, they offered seating outside that was very welcoming. It was peaceful to sit at the tables and enjoy the sunshine. Blueprint is the perfect spot to study, catch up with friends, or simply hang out. 

Another one of my favorite parts of this coffee shop was the service. In the times I have visited, the staff is always smiling. Greeting you when you walk in, they are very helpful if it is your first time, and they are quick to give you recommendations about their favorite drinks. Along with being friendly, the service is as quick as it could be considering they tailor each drink to your specifications. When it comes to hectic mornings and I am rushed for time, the last thing I would want to do is wait for my order, and this has never been an issue.

Focused on helping the Sacramento community, I will continue to support this small business. After my previous experiences going to Blueprint Coffee Project, I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates a good cup of coffee and a welcoming atmosphere.