Senior Photos for Yearbook Start Dec.11

If you need to know how to make an appointment with prestige portraits and what to wear for your photos. This will help you go step by step and check another thing off your to-do list.


Jessica Sheppard, Mirada Staff

Senior year sometimes feels like a checklist around the holidays making sure to get your college apps turned in and keeping your grades up just before finals. But there is another thing to add to your list of to-do’s, get your yearbook photo taken by prestige portraits. 

For seniors, you can get your photo taken during the weeks of Dec.11-17 and you can schedule an appointment online. However, that is where it gets a tad complicated.

The best way to schedule is online and not over the phone for the simple reason that you can pick your time. Also with the phone calls, you would need to follow. 

Once you are on the website enter the state and city box California and Sacramento. Then it will ask you to reconfirm and by doing that it will give you the option of Rio.

After clicking on the school, you will be redirected to adding in your name and picking a time to schedule an appointment. After confirming an email to reach you at and choosing between a limited number of dates you will then be asked which packages you would like.

There are four packages to choose from ultimate, deluxe, standard, and basic ranging in prices from $40 to $20. It is important to note that all packages include a photo for the yearbook. 

Now that you have chosen your package and paid for it what is the attire? For yearbook photos, the editors request that you wear business formal attire. 

Business formal attire includes outfits like a suit and ties for guys and girls a blazer and dress shirt or a dress. If you need more references to what the editors are trying to replicate look back at previous yearbooks. 

Finally, if you have not ordered your yearbook please visit on that site you will be able to purchase your 2020-2021 yearbook and senior ads. The school code for ordering your book