Lost Treasures: Alfred Hitchcock Classics

Mid-20th century movies are a fun way to escape from reality during quarantine.


Photo By Wikimedia Commons

The 1954 “Rear Window” film poster previews the mysterious nature of Hitchcock’s movies.

Taylor White, Mirada Staff

While in quarantine one way to pass the time is by watching Alfred Hitchcock mystery movies. Hitchcock movies are some of the best movies to make you feel like you have traveled in time to a different era. 

Not only are the movies spectacular themselves but they also bring to life what it was like to live in the late 50’s and 60’s. From the outfits that the actors and actresses wore to how they used to talk brings back what it would have been like.  

Some of Hitchcock’s notorious mysteries include “Psycho”, “To Catch a Thief and The Birds”. One of his best and my favorite films is “Rear Window”.  

“Rear Window” was released in 1954 and is considered to be one of the few classics. The cast includes Grace Kelly, James Stewart and Thelma Ritter.

It starts out with Jeff Jefferies, played by James Stewart, a photographer who has broken one of his legs leaving him stuck in a wheelchair. Jefferies starts to look out of his apartment window to see what life is like for everyone else.  

He sees for the first time his neighbors and how they truly are while they are at home. One neighbor Jefferies notices is a man named Thorwald. What is different between all the other neighbors and Thorwald is that he is acting suspicious.  

Jefferies continues to watch his neighbors from his apartment when he realizes that Thorwald’s wife is no longer with him. He is later shocked to find out Thorwald is involved in a serious crime.  

He asks his fiancee Lisa Fremont, played by Grace Kelly, to go over to the man’s apartment to search for clues that would build his case together. 

 As the movie progresses, Jefferies, Fremont and the other neighbors dive into the case to help find the missing woman and catch the person who commited the crime. This is done through intense scenes that will make your heart beat faster than it ever did before. 

“Rear Window” is a spectacular movie even though it is in black and white. It still perfectly displays what a great mystery movie is. The movie is available to stream on youtube.  

“Rear Window” is rated as a PG movie. It was also given a 99 percent by Rotten Tomatoes which is a site that grades how good the movies are on a 100 point scale. 

Some of the techniques that make Hitchcock movies so different from the rest is the level of suspense and thriller that is demonstrated throughout the entire movie. Hitchcock is also known as the Master of Suspense, and is perfect at making his mysteries intense to keep the watcher glued to their seat to see what will happen.  

The camera work is top notch as well. From the quick shots from one actor to the other and the bright colored screen indicating what it would have been like for the eye to adjust makes for an amazing movie.  

Hitchcock movies are always a classic and perfect choice for any occasion.