Quarantine Through a Dogs Perspective


Emma Hutchinson, Mirada Staff

Hi everyone! My name is Jovie, and some of my favoritest things in this world are squirrels, my ball, treats, walks, and watching TV. I don’t really know what’s going on but it seems like my humans have been home a lot more lately. And while I miss my midday naps in a quiet house, these days I’ve been taking full advantage of my sisters’ availability in the middle of the day to give me all of their attention, although I’m still working on getting them to give me all of their lunch too. 

As a guard poodle of the highest caliber, I feel that it is my duty these days to keep an extra close watch on the happenings in the neighborhood and to alert my family of any possible dangers that they may be unaware of. With the increased walking traffic outside my living room window, I have to be on guard all the time, and frankly, it’s an exhausting job but I take my responsibilities extremely seriously. This is not a joke, people. So far today I have had to alert my family about the presence of 12 turkeys, 18 squirrels, 6 other dogs, 4 strollers, the pool sweep turning on, my sister sneezing, 2 bikes, and 1 very sketchy leaf. 

However, despite the hard work that guarding the house requires, I must admit that I don’t worry nearly as much these days about where all of my people are during the day because they are always at home. My sisters are so boring during the day, they just stare at light-up boxes and scribble on paper (which I’m not even allowed to eat). I really want to hang out with them, but mom says that “they have to do school” which honestly doesn’t sound nearly as important as my needs and is actually pretty selfish if you ask me. 

The bestest parts of the day are all of the walks I get! Ohmigosh it’s the best. We get to go on a long walk in the morning, and then a walk in the afternoon and sometimes even another walk at night. Why this hasn’t been our schedule before I really don’t understand. Mom says I’m a lucky girl because she doesn’t have to work anymore but I think that she’s not understanding that I’m the one doing the hard work these days and I still have time to go on walks, so I’ve come to the conclusion that she simply doesn’t have her priorities straight. 

Another new thing that has recently started is my humans talk to other people on all of these tiny boxes on the light-up box. I really really really really want to say hello to all of the people on there; they all look like they have very lick-able faces! But every time I try to lick their faces my sisters tell me that “they’re busy” and “you can’t do that”. What does that even mean? The people are right there!

I don’t know what is going on but I love it! If my sisters start giving me their lunch, paying attention to the dangers in our front yard, and letting me lick their friends inside the box, this could very well turn into the ideal scenario.