Mr. Asher Travels the World


Annalee Gorman, Mirada Staff

In 14 months, Mr. Asher has traveled to over 100 countries, and visited 191 out of 197 of them. Last year, Asher took a year off to chase his dream of becoming one of the few to visit every country in the world.

“I was inspired by my brother who traveled,” said Asher. “Soon I sought to travel to every country and reach this goal.”

North Korea, Taiwan, Algeria, Libya, Syria, and Venezuela are the last countries Asher hopes to visit, and are the hardest destinations to obtain a visa for. 

“It’s all through contacts,” said Asher. “You have to know people that can help you get visas and know where to go, where it’s safe, and to share information.”

However, he does not fear the reputation of these countries; he finds the beauty in all of them.

“People tend to be afraid of what they don’t know,” said Asher. “We hear things on the news that are usually negative stories and we assume places are dangerous.”

Asher enjoys traveling to get a firsthand experience of a country’s culture and to break the stigma around going to a “dangerous” country by getting to know the people. His strong connections that he makes with people along the way give him a better experience of the country with a heightened knowledge of the culture.

When traveling to a foreign country, he is often welcomed by the people and receives positive reactions for visiting. 

“[The people] are more willing to help because they don’t have any tourists, so they’re excited to have a foreigner there and to show you their culture, food, and shops,” said Asher.

Pakistan had the greatest impact on Asher as he wishes to visit it again and remembers the human kindness the people showed.

“We don’t hear much positive news about Pakistan, but I was treated really well, people paid for my meals, and invited me to stay with them,” said Asher. “I think I had thirty meals where I was invited to eat with people and people all over the world will take care of you, but Pakistan stood out to me.”

Although there were some moments Asher was scared, his experience and expertise kept him level-headed and open minded during his travels.

“I spent six months traveling in Africa in some of the hardest countries in the world, but I’m a pretty calm person although sometimes I get nervous,” said Asher.

In addition to sightseeing, Asher also helps teach communities English when he has the time.

“I would stop and volunteer at schools and help teach English whenever I could,” said Asher.

His communication skills provide him with a large social media platform, where others look to him for advice.

Asher is active online answering others questions, and using his experience to help others when traveling. Often, he answers questions online about places that are safe, food recommendations, and how to travel on a budget.

His website, Instagram, and YouTube provide insight to his travels in addition to inspiring others.

“I try to show people what it’s like and to highlight the country,” said Asher. “I give people a glimpse of the least visited countries in the world and I hope to do more in the future.”

His website is more in depth providing reviews, trails, and internaries.

Although Asher has learned and shared how to travel safely, he learned an important lesson from his experiences that impacted him greatly.

“People are good everywhere, said Asher. “A vast majority of people want to help you and we are all more similar than you think.”