Gunther’s Ice Cream Shop is a perfect end-of-summer hangout


Alyssa Christopher, Mirada Staff

Gunther’s Ice Cream Shop is a local creamery located on Franklin Blvd, in downtown Sacramento. 

Gunther’s has been serving quality ice cream to the Sacramento area since 1940. Due to its use of high-quality ingredients, and a slow-churn process that produces the signature, it is well known. With over 40 flavors of ice cream, Fruit Freezes, ice cream sandwiches and novelty frozen treats, Gunther’s has become a destination for quality eats and a one of a kind experience. Gunther’s is exclusively available at our historic landmark, in Sacramento and at select restaurants and specialty shops. For over 60 years Gunther’s hs been known as Sacramento’s oldest ice cream parlor. 

With freezes, sandwiches and over 40 different ice cream flavors Gunther’s is definitely a popular spot during the summer to go to. Owned by Rick and Marlena Klopp, the family-run ice cream shop still makes its product the old-fashioned way, churning out about 3,500 gallons a week during the hot summer months. On the corner of a street, the shop gets very busy and normally always has a long line leading to the street. 

Although the line seems never ending, the employees are fast to take orders and get the delicious treats to their waiting customers. 

The shop faces the street with a vibrant sign making it easy to spot. One of the only downsides to the ice cream shop is the lack of parking. There is a small amount of spaces designated to Gunther’s customers, but that is not enough. Cars are lined up and down the streets.

When I went, I ordered a small lemon freeze. The size was just right and the freeze had a perfect tart lemon flavor. 

My friend ordered an ice cream sundae, it was a bowl full of cookie dough ice cream and topped with whipped cream, hot fudge, nuts and a cherry. It was a delicious treat to enjoy on a hot summer night. 

Pricing is decent ranging from a kids scoop, three dollars and 15 cents, to a triple scoop, eight dollars and 10 cents. 

Gunther’s is a perfect hangout for friends or just to get a quick treat to enjoy.