Delicious Plant-Based Dining Available in Downtown


Emma Hutchinson, Staff Writer

Vegan. Plant-based. Whatever you want to call it, it seems like every day our society is gaining herbivores and losing carnivores. 

However, as a whole, our society is still primarily carnivorous, which can lead to challenges in eating out and on-the-go for those who choose a plant-based diet. Luckily, with the rise in popularity of plant-based diets, there has been a huge increase in accessibility to plant-based meals in traditional restaurants, as well as completely plant-focused eateries. 

Senior Rosie Finnecy who lives a plant-based lifestyle, says that accessibility to plant-based dining options is important because, “It normalizes plant-based eating which is very important to educate people on the topic. Most people are confused by the idea of not eating any animal products, because they think you may not be able to get all the nutrients you need or yummy meals, but these new restaurants are crushing that stereotype!”

One plant-based restaurant right here in Sacramento is The Burger Patch, located at 2301 K Street. Their mission is to provide a “convenient and conscious fast-food alternative that is kinder to your body, animals, and our environment” without sacrificing the tastes of your favorite foods. 

All of the ingredients that they use are 100% plant-based, dairy free, harm-free, and primarily organic and non-GMO. They also offer gluten-sensitive options on many of their meals, some at a small charge. 

They encourage sustainability at Burger Patch by using 100% compostable cups, straws, napkins, food baskets, and condiment containers.

The storefront is very modern and industrial, with subway tiling on the walls, metal counters and barstools, and a counter-style ordering system. The hip music, electronic menu, and minimalist decorations creates a very open, albeit somewhat loud, space where people can socialize while they wait for their food. There is space to eat outside as well, with picnic tables and smaller cafe-style tables available for patrons. 

The Burger Patch has a relatively simple menu, consisting primarily of burgers, fries and shakes. Other options include a grilled chick’n sandwich, crispy chick’n strips, and salted chocolate chip cookies. 

I ordered the chick’n tenders (“A Bunch”), fries, and a Chocolate Earth Quake Shake. The tenders were $5.90, fries were $2.90, and the shake was $5.90. 

The tenders were very crispy, and had a lot of flavor, not to mention that the texture was perfect, and had me doing a double take that it could be 100% plant-based! The main downside was that it was a pretty small serving. 

The fries were delicious, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and not too salty. The shake was amazing, super creamy and had an incredible, rich chocolate flavor that was sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth but not so sweet that I felt sick afterwards. 

My friend ordered the Patch Burger ($7.90), fries, and a Vanilla Bean Earth Quake Shake. The burger was very simple, but the Beyond Meat was packed full of flavor and had a tender, juicy texture, with the tangy Patch Sauce adding a unique flavor to the meal. The vanilla shake got an equally fantastic review to the chocolate one, and every drop was gone too soon.

Like many restaurants that use locally sourced, organic ingredients, and even more so when it is also all plant-based, the biggest downside to The Burger Patch was the price. On a high school budget, The Burger Patch isn’t something I could see myself using regularly as a meal option, but nonetheless, it was good to know that the food I was consuming was sustainably sourced and better for the environment, and my health. 

The Burger Patch on K Street is a great plant-based restaurant option for vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores alike. You can eat delicious food while knowing that it is better for your body and the planet.