You’re a Boring One Mr. Grinch


Kaitlyn Shellooe, Editor-in-Chief

The newest Grinch movie came out on Nov. 9 reaching a whopping 58 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Just like the other previous Grinch movies this takes place in Whoville where the Grinch watches the town in his cave with his dog Max.
The Grinch is bitter about the Whos and their way of celebrating Christmas and tries to take away their Christmas, pretending to be Santa Claus.The Grinch goes through his plan and makes new gadgets to make his plan come to life.
If you enjoyed the classic Grinch movies then you’ll probably like this one since it’s exactly the same as the other ones, the only difference was there were some attempts to make the movie a little more modern.
Cindy Lou Who is the daughter of a single mother raising three kids and has a job all through the night, has the biggest wish to Santa to have her mother be happy. You follow her and her friends through their adventure to try and capture Santa Claus.
My least favorite parts of the movie was the parts where they focused on the Whos because the directors did a poor job trying to make this movie fresh and new. The Grinch had a few funny scenes, but overall this was nothing new and nothing we haven’t seen before.
The movie seemed to be drawn out way too long and could of been 15 minutes like it was back in 1966. For it to be an hour and 30 minutes there needed to be a lot of creativity and newness like the Grinch movie that came out in 2000 with Jim Carrey.
The reason the other two were a lot better was because Jim Carrey did an amazing job imitating the Grinch and the story was entertaining, and humorous. The original was also good because it’s a classic and it’s a short, sweet movie for the holidays.
I was disappointed because I thought this was going to be about the Grinch and his life growing up, which was mentioned briefly in the new movie.
The movie has already been done before and there was nothing new to the movie, accept for occasional cheesy humor here and there.
For example, the Grinch was getting ready for the day and was in his underwear still with fuzzy green legs and then he puts on his “pants” that are green and fuzzy. Things like that were sprinkled throughout the movie and just got annoying after awhile.
I could see where the directors were going to try and appeal to a younger audience since our generation and many generations before grew up with the original, but it just was boring.
It has same moral to the story, that presents are not what makes Christmas, but what makes Christmas is the people around you makes it special.
Overall, the movie was disappointing, but it wasn’t bad. The story was good, and it had a good awareness with showing people the life of a single mother, but it was just nothing new. I wouldn’t go see it again, because the other two previous to this one were a lot better.