Freshman Kaylee Barnes Starts Scrunchie Business


Plenty of students are creative, but freshman Kaylee Barnes and her younger sister Kat take things to the next level with their own scrunchie business: KK Scrunchies Company.
Their small business originated with one scrunchie and the idea of making a business. The two sisters now make their own handmade, one of a kind scrunchies.
“Kat and I both wanted to start a new hobby and thought making scrunchies was a cool idea,” said Barnes. “We got all the materials and before we knew it we were making scrunchies!”
The sisters purchase all of the fabrics themselves and the prices of each scrunchie is dependant on the quality of the material but they range from $3 to $6.
While Barnes’ customer base is fairly small, they’ve sold out of some of their cutest scrunchies and are kept busy.
“I advertise the scrunchies on social media and sometimes make the scrunchies,” said Barnes. “Kat, who had the idea of starting the
business, makes the scrunchies, packages them and runs our Etsy shop.”
Each scrunchie is made with fabric, elastic, and a sewing machine. Fabrics vary between linen, cotton and velvet.
Currently KK Scrunchies has seven individual products in addition to their Checkered Scrunchie Pack. Some best selling designs include their Black and White Checkered, Mustard Yellow and Black Velvet Scrunchies.
“It’s a great way for me to bond with Kat and work together to create something for many to enjoy,” said Barnes.
Each product is homemade and packaged by hand with a note from the Barnes sisters on a business card. The scrunchies are sold formally on Etsy but also in person for those who see Barnes at school.
Walking around campus, Barnes and her friends can be spotted wearing a variety of the scrunchies she and her sister makes.
“We advertise mostly through Instagram and wearing our scrunchies,” said Barnes.
Barnes’ Instagram account for the business ( features their newest scrunchies and highlights the old with creative pictures.
KK Scrunchies is a great opportunity for the sisters to learn some of the logistics of running a business while also using their innovative side.
When not at school or making scrunchies, Barnes can be found running, swimming or hanging out with friends like any other teen. For Barnes, balancing the business, school and extracurriculars isn’t too difficult because the company is more for fun than anything else.
“I love making people happy and getting to share scrunchies with them,” said Barnes. “It takes a lot to run a business, but putting a lot of my energy into it makes it meaningful and fun.”