Online News is the New Norm


Photo By Jessica Sheppard

Newspapers are not as popular as they use to be since news has been going online more.

Emily Borg , Mirada Staff

New technology is taking over the news industry.

Nowadays news can be easily accessed by a simple touch of the finger.

This generation gravitates towards reading news online or by watching TV more than finding it in a newspaper.

“I prefer digital news because of how easy it is to access,” said junior Katelyn Kamilos. “All you have to do is click on the News app on your phone to get recent info about what is happening in the world today.”

According to The New Yorker, while teens are staring at their phones for hours on end they are actually reading more news than they ever have before. Through social media, teens are able to be informed about breaking news while also keeping up with their friends.

Snapchat allows teens to watch three minute videos that “update” them on minimal amounts of news without the need to read it.

“I think that digital news is a creative way to get more teenagers wanting to read the news,” said junior Alyssa Christopher. “It also seems more easy to access and to use. With the technology industry growing it provides a great way for teenagers to find out news.”

Although some teens enjoy a good book they still gravitate to digital news.

“Although I am partial to paper, my favorite source for news is via the digital world,” said junior Jaden O’Dea. “It is always up-to-date, easily accessible, and varies wider than the paper news.”

With the collapse of newspapers both readers and journalists should be scared.

With teens turning to social media for news; newspapers are slowly dying.

A recent study has shown that only two percent of teens read a newspaper daily. Researchers from San Diego State University found that only one-third of teenagers read a book for pleasure in the past year, this number they found also includes reading online books.

Some newspaper companies have decided to focus more on their online articles versus their paper ones. They want to perfect the online version because the companies understand that the new generation relies more online than reading from a paper everyday.

Printed newspapers don’t provide the most up to date news. If a newsworthy event happened in the middle of the day the event wouldn’t be able to be published until the following day.

If it was online, it wouldn’t be an issue. The news companies can write the article and publish it the same day without having any problems.

People stay more informed with online news versus newspapers; although, reading a newspaper is much more beneficial to the body then reading from a screen.

Studies have shown that if people were to get in the habit of reading a newspaper daily it will increase their knowledge in english skills and their vocabulary.

Other studies have proven that the more people stare into the bright screens on their phones, brain connectivity is slowly diminishing, while reading from actual paper will have more beneficial changes.

Across campus it is rare to see students reading the newspaper but more likely to be staring at their phones. With technology changing if newspapers are both online and in print they are more likely to be read.

Some readers think of converting to just online versus the paper due to the price of purchasing a newspaper daily. The Sacramento Bee charges $130 per year or $13 per month to receive a paper.

Online news is mainly free. Newspaper companies are being driven away because of this and teen readers should accept the fact that not all good comes from technology.

If you google news or simply click on the news app on your iPhone recent news will be provided to you for no charge.

Although the new generation enjoys a good book, they still turn to their smartphones when they want to know the news.