People Are Ditching Movie Lines for Netflix at Home

According to a survey 60% of Rio students prefer of watch Netflix rather than going to the theatre.

People Are Ditching Movie Lines for Netflix at Home

Audrey Snider, Mirada Staff

In recent months, Netflix streaming has increased while movie theaters have taken a back seat.

Many teens including a sophomore Alyssia Ullensvang say that she watches more Netflix movies than going to the theaters to watch a movie there.

“Netflix is taking over the movie business because it’s easy to watch and you can watch relatively new movies on it whenever you want and theaters are expensive and you can only watch one movie then pay to go see another movie,” said Ullensvang.

Meanwhile, in the last 17 years, HBO has had the most streaming service nominations for the Emmys; this year nominations were overtaken by Netflix. Netflix’s plan is to spend $12-13 billion in the next year for their content while HBO budgets $2.5 billion.

Netflix is becoming more popular with new generations so their subscriptions in increasing. Out of 100 students surveyed, 61 percent would rather watch Netflix shows or movies than go and see a movie in a theater.

“Well I believe Netflix is becoming such a good movie streaming platform because, if you think about it, you don’t really have to go to see a movie when you can see it for free on Netflix, which is the main reason, why Netflix is just becoming so popular,” said freshman Julian Holmes. “Also the setting is better. Being all cozied up in your bed with snacks and your headphones on watching a movie is better than being in a theater with 40 plus people.”

Netflix has thousands of options to choose from, so when you finish a show or movie you can start to watch more of similar content right after. Netflix is not only a convenient way to watch movies, but it is also fairly inexpensive. Someone can also pause the movie and not worry about wasting money.

Netflix also has the option to download movies which gives the option to watch movies on the go. It also tracks what the watcher usually watches and then can recommend similar content which gives the viewer more satisfaction in what they watch.

“It’s super easy for people to access and it has way more options which is why I think so many people tend to lean that way,” said sophomore Aviva Spector.

Netflix continues to pump out content that their audience loves, but theater screenings continue to go down drastically causing concern as to whether the movie industry is big enough for both.

“I think the growth of Netflix is positive because streaming is often more accessible to people than going to a theater; however, going to a theater and watching Netflix is a different experience, so I think there needs to be room for both to exist in the movie industry,” said senior Jillian Halloran.

Netflix has over 130 millions subscribers as of mid-2018 and 125 hours on Netflix are being streamed each day.