Vlogs Becoming the New Reality T.V.


Jessica Sheppard, Mirada Staff

Nothing is better than unlocking your phone, putting in your earbuds, sitting back and watching all the tea be split. Clicking onto youtube via cell phone or computer is a great way to relax and unwind from a hard school day.

Vlogs are not something new but there are more and more vlogs and vloggers on YouTube. After Vine died there seemed to be a big influx of vloggers.

A lot of popular viners transitions just before vine was shut down and a lot of people decided to become vloggers. The best example is Lele Pons and The Gabbie Show.

They both decided to start vlogging and The Gabbie Show made it but Lele didn’t get the following she hoped for. Lele transferred to Instagram and now she is very successful and popular.

Some viners like The gabbie show and David Dobrik are making millions of dollars just videoing their daily life. Obviously some parts of vlogs are staged and some are just the weird quirks of life.

Vlogs have many benefits for teenagers that traditional t.v. doesn’t give them. They are able to connect with the vlogger on a personal level.

Not only are they able to connect, but they are able to hold their attention span of their viewer. Some vlogs are four minutes long while other are 20.

Vlogs are also tailored to every person individually. You can follow people that match your personality or what you want to do in life.

They can also be tailored to your emotions. There are so many youtubers and they all offer something different.

The only frustrating part about watching a vlog is the posting. With a traditional t.v show you are guaranteed at least ten episodes a season.

With a vlog it is typically one person recording, editing and posting. Some people post daily and some post on a monthly basis.

The best thing about when a vlog comes out it is like your birthday. You know that eventually you are going to get a present but you just don’t know when.

If you know anything about vlogs, is that relationships can blossom from working on youtube. A great example is Liza Koshy and David Dobrik.

They were together for about two years and when they broke up about three months ago it shattered the internet. So far their video has been viewed 43 million times.

They have both grown their platforms together. Their first video together only got 5.2 million views compare that to their breakup video you can clearly see they have a bigger presence online.

Although the average viewer may not understand the complex business of being a youtuber we appreciate all that youtubers do.