Senior Andrew Wilson Hopes DJ Career is in the Mix


Isabella (Isa) Searle, Staff Writer

A lot of people have aspirations to be something great, and senior Andrew Wilson is attempting to turn these aspirations into a reality, one song at a time.
Wilson first got his inspiration in middle school when he would watch his favorite Minecraft youtubers.
“It was probably 7th grade and I was really into watching youtube videos,” Wilson said. “A lot of the videos I used to watch were Minecraft youtubers and they always had EDM music in their intro. I started listening to it through that and then in the end of 8th grade I was like ‘Wow that would be kind of cool to make it’ so I started researching and going from there.”
You can find his music on SoundCloud under the account Andrew Wilson; he has one song out right now, called Nightmare. You can also anticipate his next song, Waiting at the Edge.
Wilson doesn’t just create EDM. He has a separate account for another genre.
“I have another SoundCloud for rap music, and it’s joke rap music,” said Wilson. “I go by Andy Candy and I have three songs with Matthew Taylor, he also goes to this school. We’ve only released one, it’s called Cookin in the Kitchen. It’s a joke, but I think it’s pretty good.”
He says what inspires him most is just doing something that he loves because there’s no point in doing something if he hates it or barely likes it.
“Doing something that I love is really important to me,” said Wilson. “I wouldn’t want to do something that I hate or kind of like. I’m all about doing something that you absolutely love. That really inspires me and succeeding and having personal achievements also does.”
Wilson wants to go somewhere with his music and says he plans to go to a college for musicians like him, but that has also proven to be a bit of a challenge.
“I’m looking at a few colleges right now, but there’s not a whole plethora of options,” said Wilson. “If you want to be a lawyer you could go to so many different schools, and there’s so many different programs, but with this, its hard to find a specific thing that I really feel would benefit me.”
He is currently looking at Chico, LA film school, Recording Connection, and Berkley.
His dream started becoming a reality in Feb., when he played his first show at Holy Diver Bar. His friend who also makes music helped him to get this opportunity.
“I got my first show this year,” said Wilson. “I signed up on this website and basically what they do is they email you whenever they have an opening for a show and I got my first opening on Feb. 25 and that was a huge milestone for me and that got me into the scene. Then I got re-booked again twice in summer, and I have another show coming up in Nov. on the 25.”
Wilson is doing whatever he can to make sure his dreams will come true. Whether it’s going up to Boston for a week long music camp or driving up to Oakland every Wednesday for a music class, he’s willing to do it.
“I am super passionate in music and I’m going to do what I love,” said Wilson.