Love/hate Debate About ‘Boys I’ve Loved’

Love/hate Debate About ‘Boys I’ve Loved’

Samantha Baccelli and Audrey Snider

EDITORS NOTE: Mirada writers Audrey Snider and Sam Baccelli have different opinions about the new Netflix movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” Read their debate; then check out the movie–or watch something else.

Audrey- I think To All Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix is an amazing movie. The chemistry between Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) is such a big part of the movie and it is clearly a strong connection.

Sam- I think this Netflix original was just ok. I wouldn’t disagree that the chemistry between the to leads is quite convincing but that is not the main issue I have with the movie. The part of the movie that really doesn’t sit well with me is Lara Jean Covey’s (Lana Condor) relationship with her best friend, Josh Sanderson (Israel Broussard).

Audrey- The relationship between Josh and Lara Jean was always confusing throughout the movie but why doesn’t it sit well with you?

Sam- Well, as someone who recently lost a close friend I don’t think it’s realistic that Josh forgives her instantly after weeks of mental abuse of refusing to talk to him. I use a word as strong as mentally abused because as a teenager, you are at such a vulnerable state, something like your best friend not speaking to you can really mess with you.

Audrey- I would say that Lara Jean separating herself from Josh is a key point in the plot of the movie. I wouldn’t take it as far as being mentally abused but I think that having time off from each other helped Josh and Lara Jean really think about all the feelings going around.

Sam- I think that this entire situation could have been avoided if they had just communicated with each other. The movie is relatively pointless if you think about it. Not only is the situation with Josh easily avoidable but the entire concept of Laura Jean’s sister sending the love letters is ridiculous.

Audrey- I think that these major plot points are what make the movie interesting. The movie makes people feel happy and hopeful so if you didn’t have those points the movie wouldn’t be as enjoyable to the audience as it is.

Sam- You are correct that theses plot points are main parts of the movie, but they create giant plot holes in the storyline. I think that this movie concept has potential but it needs an entire rewrite to be a logical story.

Audrey- I think we should agree to disagree. Another factor of the movie that jumps out at me is how good the acting is. When Lara Jean and Peter have any alone scenes, their connection feels real and it feels as if I’m watching them in person.

Sam- I completely agree that the relationship you see between the characters truly feels like you are watching them while walking down the hallways of high school. Another plus of the movie is the cinematography is great.

Audrey– Yes, I also love how the camera angles are so smooth and nothing seems out of place. Something else that pleases my eye are the colors of the scenes. Nothing is too dense or too weak when you watch the movie. This movie overall has such beautiful cinematography. One of my favorite concepts in the movie is how close their family is. Lara Jean and her older and younger sisters have such an unbreakable bond that is clearly shown throughout the movie. Even when Lara Jean’s younger sister goes behind her back, Lara Jean forgives her and loves her just as much as before. I love how the plot shows a family factor in the movie.

Sam- The relationship is very close but unlike you I don’t like that. It feels unrealistic and seems like something the most teens watching could not relate to. I don’t think we will ever come to a consensus over this movie. You think it’s amazing and I think that it’s just barely ok.