Bacon is Better


Samantha Baccelli, Mirada Staff

It’s a good thing that the wait to get into Bacon and Butter averages 30 minutes to an hour on weekends, because you’ll want to be hungry when you sit down to the large portions of comfort food that are the staples of the Tahoe Park restaurant.

The name Bacon and Butter is a play of the phrase bread and butter. The idea is that their dishes’  ingredients work very well together like bread and butter.

Instead of using bread they use bacon because it is a breakfast food, considering they serve breakfast and brunch.

They use products from farms that are locally sourced. The owners make sure all of the bacon that they use for consumption is sulfate free.

All of the bread used in their dishes are from a local bakery. You can request almost any meal to be vegetarian and some can even be made vegan.

The amount of people who come to eat there is truly a testament to the quality food they serve. The food is incredible and so it there service.

If you have any issues with your meal they are more than happy to help in whatever way they can. The servers are truly here to make your experience more enjoyable.

When you walk in, the restaurant is full with people and clutter on the wall. The ceiling has an intricate wooden design.

The overall aesthetic of the restaurant is rustic and clean yet still very homey. The restaurant is relatively small in size for all the people sitting in it.

I ordered the chicken and waffles which is one of the more popular items on the menu. All of the dishes are large portions. The chicken and waffles were 18 dollars. It comes with four pieces of fried chicken, one Belgian waffle, and chilli syrup.

The chicken was well cooked and the flour batter was amazing. The waffle was a good consistency and texture.

My sister ordered the grilled cheese benedict. This meal was 16 dollars. She is gluten intolerant and can not eat the bread that they would have made the dish with. She instead brought her own gluten free bread for them to use. They were very accommodating to her food allergy.

Bacon and butter is not the type of restaurant to go to if you want a light meal. Although they do have a couple of options including oatmeal and bee pollen. The bee pollen is an agave yogurt with granola, seeds, nuts, honey, and fresh fruit.

One of there more popular items is the kitchen sink. It has lardon, crispy potatoes, spinach, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and two eggs. This is definitely the kind of restaurant that you go to and want to take a nap afterwards, which I did after my filling meal.

The restaurant is located at 5913 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95820. You can make reservations for a group of people over 6, if not you should be ready to wait.