Skip’s Kitchen Review

Emily Borg , Mirada Staff

Skip’s Kitchen is a small lively place for friends and family to meet and enjoy meals together.

Skip’s Kitchen offers a variety of foods: burgers, salads, soups, sandwiches, ice cream, and even fried mac and cheese. As you walk in the restaurant you are greeted with a friendly “hello” or “how are you tonight” by the employees. They make you feel right at home, especially the owner. The owner, Skip Wahl, walks throughout the restaurant to fill up one’s beverage or just talk to his customers. The chefs will often come out from the kitchen and ask how the food was. The atmosphere is one of the best parts about the amazing restaurant.

Skip’s Kitchen has a unique way of their customers ordering their food. Once you come to the conclusion of what you will eat you place your order at the counter. In most restaurants you will then take a number and sit at a table but that is not the routine at this restaurant. You are then supposed to choose a card from a deck of cards spread across the table. If you chose the joker your meal is free.

Although all the dishes sure are good, one of the best is the bacon cheeseburger for ten dollars. The perfect pair to this delicious burger are balls of fried mac and cheese, what Skip’s Kitchen call Mac Puppies. The burger is piled high with crispy bacon, which is covered in cheddar cheese, followed by lettuce tomato and union, all inside a fluffy hamburger bun. Alongside the cheeseburger are your choice of crisp cut fries or sweet potato fries, which are both delicious.

For someone who wants a more healthy option, the Grilled Caesar Salad is a great choice. This delicious salad consists of lettuce, a crostini, caesar dressing, and shaved Parmesan cheese.

Not only is this a great place to eat but also a great way to meet friends. Although the atmosphere of the restaurant is busy, it does not stop their customers from having fun.

There are booths surrounding the inside perimeter of the restaurant and tables with chairs in the middle. If you walk outside you would see that there are more tables and chairs to sit on, although not many people sit outside during the colder months.

Even when the restaurant is busy the employees will take their time and make sure that you are satisfied with your meal and are happy to answer any questions that you have.

The one drawback to Skip’s is the fact that there is not a lot of parking. Although they do have a parking lot, it is extremely small fitting minimal cars. If you are lucky you can just park on the street.

Overall, Skip’s Kitchen is a fun place to meet your friends or family and be almost guaranteed to have a delicious meal and have great service. It is located at 4717 El Camino Avenue, which is a short eight-minute drive from school. Although waiting for parking can be annoying the food is well worth the wait.