Spikeball and Frisbee Club

Katelyn Roat, Guest Writer

The cheers, the chants, and the roaring passion. Spikeball and Frisbee Club focuses on staying active, while also having fun. Often referred to as the love child between popular sports volleyball and four-square, the newly acclaimed game known as spikeball has been on the rise. The game pairs well with frisbee, which has been an old time favorite as both a leisure and competitive sport. The Spikeball and Frisbee Club typically plays ultimate frisbee, a non-contact sport which involves two different teams trying to score against one another, and the classic two versus two spikeball game. Every Spikeball and Frisbee Club meeting is held at Ashton Park where the vast amounts of grass give them enough space to play around as they desire. Plus, the park is close enough to walk to after school.

The Spikeball and Frisbee Club leaders always bring a frisbee to club meetings, along with two spikeball nets with multiple spikeballs. One of the nets is donated by P.E. teacher Terry Gordon and the other is brought by senior Isamu Kawaguchi, the clubs other leader. “Some guys last year made a spikeball club and Isamu and I joined,” says Kawaguchi.”We liked playing with people like that so we decided to continue the club but this time add frisbee because we both love frisbee. ”Around ten or more people go to every Spikeball and Frisbee Club, each ranging in talent and skill but all come out enjoying the club even if they aren’t good at the sport or specific game they were playing that day. Students play various games for two hours or more almost every friday, depending on the weather and who can show up that day. Anyone can join anytime, and both Roat and Kawaguchi welcome newcomers. “The more people the better,” says Roat.”You may not think it would be fun but once you start playing you realize how fun it is. I think that’s why people like it so much.”

Spikeball and Frisbee Club is great for people who like or want to be active and enjoy playing fun games outside. It’s a great way to blow off steam and hang out with great people on a lazy friday afternoon.