Gals and Lads Prepare for Gala

Unknown, Mirada Staff

Every school has their version of dance where the roles are reversed and the girl asks the boy to be her date to the dance. It’s referred to by different names such as Sadie Hawkins or TWIRP, but none compare to our own Gala dance.

This year’s Rio Americano High School Gala is tonight at 8pm. The theme is Rio in Wonderland. There will be a rally and at lunch a Boys vs Girls surprise activity.

The finance office is open selling until 3:15pm. Without ASB, tickets are $24 for singles and $40 for couples. With ASB, tickets are $21 for singles and $35 for couples.

This dance is a high class affair with formal attire and beautiful decorations, a night where memories are made.

“Gala is one of the more fun dances for me because it changes things up,” senior Sabine Wilson said. “I like that us girls actually get to choose our own dates.”

For a girl this can be somewhat daunting and scary, but it also has the potential to be empowering and challenging.

“It’s nerve racking but I have so many ideas,” freshman Molly Milligan said.

“It’s weird to think boys can be so clueless on the perfect way to ask a girl to a dance.”

With the roles reversed girls suffer the fear of rejection as well as the responsibility of picking up the tab.

Girls finally get the chance to pick their date instead of waiting and hoping to be asked, and show off their creativity.

Senior Blaire Murray was quick and confident with her asking of senior Michael Johnson.

“I put a poster in Ms. Costello’s room where he tutors and then I came in near the end of the period so he could say yes to me,” Murray said.

“We went to Gala together freshman year, that’s why it’s so precious.”