What Teens Really Want for Christmas


Margaret O'Brien, Staff Writer

With Christmas coming up fast, and Black Friday sales already past, people are hurrying to buy last minute gifts. It is difficult for people to buy a thoughtful gift when stores are steadily becoming emptier, and you don’t know what your friends want.

According to USA Today, the most popular gifts ordered from Amazon last year mostly included electronics.

However, one of the only non-electronic or technology related Christmas gifts was Cards Against Humanity.

This year though, the most wanted gifts in are a bit more expensive.

“I want a laptop for Christmas,” freshman Sophie Cysewski said, “I feel like a lot of high schoolers want a computer. There’s so much schoolwork online now, and it’s really hard to get anything done without one. And it’s portable, so that just makes it easier to work.”

The Washington Post says that the iPhone 8 has prices ranging from $699 to $949, and the iPhone X from $999 to $1,149. Just this year, Apple has already sold 217.06 billion iPhones, and with the many iPhones that will be bought as Christmas presents, they presumably will sell a lot more before 2018.

“A lot of people will probably want the new iPhone,” Cysewski said, “Most teens want some kind of new technology for Christmas.”

There are of course, many other teens who want something other than the newest iPhone, laptop, or some other item of technology.

“I think other high schoolers would want clothing from name brand stores,” said freshman Annabelle Thalken, “I want a snazzy jacket.”

In many high schools today, a lot of teens want to wear name brand items, such as Brandy Melville, Lululemon, Adidas, American Eagle Outfitters, and Birkenstocks. When you buy clothing from these brands, you’re paying for the reputation of the name just as much as you are paying for the actual item.

Adidas, a very popular brand around the world for high schoolers, increased their worldwide sales last year by 18 percent, that is $20.4 billion in one year.

Another company with surprisingly high sale numbers this year is American Eagle Outfitters. Because the company’s popularity decreased in the past few years, the estimated sales should have had a 0.7 percent decrease, but proved analysts’ estimates wrong by increasing sales two percent.