Tips to Beat Stress During the Holiday Season

Horizon Labarcon, Mirada Staff

1. Lower your expectations
Everywhere one looks during the holiday season, there is a surge of hype to buy people expensive gifts and in turn they will be happy. Sure, that’s one way to go about it but many people don’t have that sort of luxury yet they still want that one expensive item. By not thinking about what it is that one wants, they are surprised with what they get and more appreciative. It makes both the gift giver and receiver more happy, because no one likes to see people bummed about presents on Christmas day. Unless your grandparents pull through, I would just sit tight and enjoy the season.

2. Get AdBlock
When it’s the time of giving, it’s also the time of advertising for most companies. At some point it gets really annoying seeing ads pop up for something not even relevant to you. So download AdBlock Plus, it’s free, easy to download, and gets rid of all ads including the ones on Youtube videos. That’s right, no more waiting 30 seconds to learn how to wrap a gift or make some intricate food design.

3. Don’t force things
Being happy on the holidays is way more easy if things aren’t forced. Let events flow on their own and don’t stress about when things have to get done, just plan it a few weeks back. If one person is stressed, it stresses out more people thus leading to a household of on-edge family members passive aggressively prompting everyone else to be on their best behavior before the relatives arrive. I think we can all agree that fake joy can be felt a mile away, but so can real joy. Turn on some music, make some bomb food, and have fun with what you are doing.

4. Focus on the spirit of the season
Especially in this current era, the winter season can be pretty materialistic. No one wants the most memorable event being Billy throwing a tantrum because he didn’t get the right Lego Star Wars set. Although it might sound cliche, food and family are what make up the season. Staying inside drinking a hot beverage or sitting next to a warm fire while full from a feast is what has been happening more or less for hundreds of years. Eat a lot, sleep a lot, enjoy the company you have.

5. Don’t force old customs
Times have changed, the weird fermented food of your ancestors ate is no longer needed to survive the winter. Grandma went deaf a long time ago, you don’t need to see a quire. Focus on the traditions you like and make your own. The season is up to you, decorate your room in Christmas lights, have a glove, for a stocking, go crazy.