Holiday Traditions

Erica Pozdirca and Elona Schirov

Many different people of different cultures have their own Christmas or Holiday traditions. Some people travel to different parts of the world to celebrate the holiday with their family, some watch movies with the fireplace on while sharing a soft blanket, hurry to open the presents under the Christmas tree in the morning, go out to dinner, ice skating, and so many other things that just bring the family together and celebrate this joyful holiday.

We went and asked a few people about their different Christmas traditions that they have with family members.

“We always open one present on Christmas Eve, the day before Christmas,” says freshman Autumn Lamberth. For Autumn, this Christmas tradition has been going on in her family since she was a little girl and still continues for years now.

“We bake everything from scratch,” freshman Asia Ibrahim said. “And we buy gifts only with cash so it can be a challenge.”

Asia also adds that this simple family tradition of making food from scratch makes her and her family feel closer together during Christmas, so it’s really important to her that it happens every year.

“My grandma, cousins, and aunt come over every year and we bake holiday cookies,” said freshman Hannah Jorgensen.

“The night before Christmas, my family and I sit around the Christmas tree with the only the tree lit up and drink eggnog and my parents share poems about Christmas,” freshman Alleigha Bos said.

“My Christmas tradition is chilling with my family and close friends and watching holiday movies like Elf or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” said freshman Amelia York.