New iOS 11 Brings Exciting Features


Alina Childs and Jessica Podgayetskaya

The wait is over, and Apple has released its newest update.

This new update, iOS 11, is finally here, and there are some significant changes. The biggest changes of this update are Siri’s voice, App store, control center and interfaces with the lock screen.

The control features are now all on a single page, making it easily manageable. This allows us to pack lots of capabilities, including the 3-D touch, giving us even more features.

One big change was in Siri’s voice. The new voice now sounds younger and is more natural sounding. Siri is now also capable of answering more complex questions, such as being able to translate a phrases into different languages.

Siri now not only understands your voice, but she also understands the context, your interests and how you use your device. This ultimately allows her to understand what you want next.

Siri can suggest topics to us that we may want to know about. Another resourceful update on Siri is, now you can ask Siri to translate to any language English to Chinese, French, German, etc.

Another big change in the update was the camera. This update now uses HEVC, which is up to two times better compression for camera captured videos.

This means less storage on your camera roll, and less storage on your iCloud. Now with iOS 11 there are more efficient things for camera, such as improved image quality, improved low light performance, optical image stabilization, true tone flash and HDR.

One of the more useful, safet-oriented features is the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode which blocks incoming notifications while the phone is connected to a car through Bluetooth. The phone sends an autoreply alerting the sender that the driver is currently unavailable.

Also a big change is the update is the control center. In the previous update iOS 10, Apple spilt the control center by being able to access it by swiping upwards from the bottom display.

Now on the iOS 11 there is an entirely new look with different styled icons. Now for the volume and the brightness features there are sliders. In settings you can choose what other smaller icons or features you would want to use, such as the calculator, do not disturb, etc.

A very clever thing that apple has also given us is one-handed keyboard.

If you tap the globe or emoji on the keyboard, there’s an option to select one-handed keyboard. This shifts all of the keys on the keyboard to the left or right. This feature is made to let you type with just one thumb.

Overall, the new update has released many features that people have been requesting for a long time. There likely will be glitches at first, but until the next iOS update, 11 is the most complex and adaptable system yet.